QUIET HUMAN - Leaders To The Starry Skies - 10 - Leaders To The Starry Skies

Tenth song and title track of the "Leaders To The Starry Skies" songs archive.

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From this hallowed expanse
We will leave the world
To a sanctuary of crystal where we can be free.
Through the infinite void... it's time to go!

By the space between space,
To the starry skies,
We will lead the people, beyond Rigel,
Join us if you dare to see
The great wonders of old,
That await for us all.

We will lead the way...

We'll depart hand in hand,
And with no regrets,
We will say goodbye to everything that stays behind
On this desperate world,
Cause we'll never return.

We will lead the way...

We will lead the way...."

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