QUIET HUMAN - Leaders To The Starry Skies - 04 - Sunrise On Mars

Fourth song off the "Leaders To The Starry Skies" songs archive.

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If you feel melancholy
Don't you cry and come with me
Discover what you cannot see
A special feeling for me

Come with me and I will show
Some things better than sorrow
Ecstasy of the sweetest tone
A special feeling for me

Don't be scared, confide in me
and take my hand and off we go you'll see
Majesties of other worlds you'll remember for all eternity

Come with me baby on a trip in the stars
Witness the magic of a sunrise on Mars
For here we can see forever
For here we will love each other

The sky reflects what I think
I'm drowning my sorrow
In these shades of pink
And though we must leave, our hearts belong here
You'll wake from this dream and I'll disappear..."

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