Galderia - One Million Dreams (The Universality)

So this is track 11 off of Galderia's 3rd album 'The Universality'.
A re-recorded version of the one I uploaded before, and sounds pretty awesome. Thanks to EvylonBunnie for telling me it was on this album (I didn't get the chance to listen to it before now)

I claim no rights, as they go to the band and the label
If you see any mistakes, please tell me, and I'll fix them :)

Info Below:
Band: Galderia
Album: The Universality
Country: France
Label: Metalodic Records
Links: - Official Website - MySpace - Facebook - Metal Archives

Members: (Not completely sure on this part)
J.C. - Drums
Tom - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Seb - Vocals
Verdo - Bass, Vocals (backing)"

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