02.18.2018 / QH announces new album *** The Roswell Incident***

QUIET HUMAN announces second album "The Roswell Incident".  53 minutes of Doom Metal inspired by modern mythologies of UFOs, aliens and military black programs.

"The Roswell Incident" was recorded by Verdo with the help of Christ-Of Gloom & Henri Polizzi and mix/mastered by Sharn Citron Caleca @ Megamoche Prod!

Here is artwork, line-up and tracklisting:

QH *** The Roswell Incident *** 2018:

Christouff Dur : Harsh Vox.
JC Chicco : Drums
Verdo : Guitars, Bass, Clean Vox, Sample & Synth


Sharn Citron Caleca: Guitar solo on 1 & 6
Fred Acod : Shriek Vox on 2
Grégoire Gosse : Add. orchestrations on 1.

1 - The Roswell Incident
2 - Zeta Reticuli
3 - ËBË 1
4 - The Abducted
5 - What Lurks Above
6 - Area 51

Pochette small




11.19.2016 / QH's "Leaders To the Starry Skies" available in physical format CD mini-vinyl gatefold.

by: Crash Bandicoot

Img 915

QH's album "Leaders to the Starry Skies" is now available on CD mini-vinyl via Delta Mekong.

To grab one copy, send mail to Vlad at delta-mekong@mail.ru

Cost is 12€incl. shipping worldwide.





05.16.2016 / News

by: Bob Lazar


Some news:

QUIET HUMAN: There is uncertainty regarding what to do with those recorded songs.

Although this project was never intended to be taken Live, we hesitate whether to make a physical release or throw everything freely on the internet, for the love of Art...

... because the final product does not deserves a physical release!

We're talking about production mistakes and not writing or interpretation mistakes!

Until anyone decides what's fitting, QH remains on hold.


NEW PROJECT: **-- Working Title "ROSWELL AUTOPSY"--**

Verdo has tapped long-time friend and drummer JC to plan a new Doom Metal project tentatively called "ROSWELL AUTOPSY"!

It is a theme album based on extraterrestrial life, visitors from outerspace and some of the conspiracies that include them.

There is enough material for a DOUBLE LP and JC has already recorded his drum parts with the help of Christophe "Tobal" Corso.

Soon more news on this project....




by: Henry Death


For you: "Lady From the Stars"

Enjoy and make love!




05.01.2015 / NINMAH first album!!!

by: Enki

ninmah album

NINMAH's first album is out now!

58 minutes of Prog Thrash - CD Digipack 10 songs, entirely autoproduced!

DIY or die!

To get it:

-NINMAH shows






09.07.2014 / What's next?!

By: July's Fool


Hail to all!

In answer to some question by mail, here are some news for you all.


NINMAH: The band slooooowly prepares the release of its first album.Everything is recorded, mixed and mastered. An official announcement will be made ASAP and soon we'll unleash this fierce piece of Tech Thrash Metal in your  bloody faces! But till then... Patience!


QUIET HUMAN: Announce of new record under the Quiet Human moniker

This is some kind of Space Prog Rock with a strong acoustic feel. The album is called "Leaders to the Starry Skies" and themes about Love and Stars (!!!)

Line-up is as follows:

Lily Martinez - Lead and backing vocals

Bob Saliba - Lead and backing vocals, Guitars

Max Segovia - Bass

JC - Drums

Verdo - Lead and backing vocals, Guitars, Programming, Percussion


This album shows another collaboration with longtime friend and musician partner JC (Galderia, Ninmah), but also a first with Bob Saliba (The Omega, Bob Oliver Lee, ...) and Max Segovia (ex-Sonny Red) with whom it has been a great pleasure and honor to work on this music.

Also, female vocal duties are handled by the awesome Lily Martinez. This young and talented singer could very well bring the most hardened Metal Savage to the edge of tears with her emotinal performance throughout the whole record. Let us bet that she will make a name for herself in the near future and this is on the first Quiet Human album that many of you can discover her great voice. You lucky bastards!!

Last but not least, mixing will be handled by Tom Tiberi in his famed Freaky Dog Studio for your ultimate auditory pleasure!! No Quenelle!


Soon more news and details about "Leaders to the Starry Skies"... So stay tuned!





By: Manu le Blancos

Shalom my friends!

On The Edge announces the imminent release of its new autoproduced album called "Memories"

"Memories" tracklist is as follows:

1 - In Memory

2 - Too Late

3 - BioMachine

4 - The Hibakusha

5 - Ideas of Deconstruction

6 - The FlashForward Suite in III Parts

        a- The Swan Song

        b- From Chronon to Chronon

        c- Nothing

and has duration of 45:15 minutes.

Once again this is a Melodic Death Metal release with Prog elements, and was recorded and mixed by Christophe "Tobal" Corso @ Tydirium Studios.

Artwork was made by Miss Gribouille:

Jaquette on the edge

 This new album which shall be released on April 15th 2014, will be available via www.verdomusic.com by simple mail request at  verdomusic@gmail.com

We will soon have an excerpt availbale for you all to hear, so stay tuned!




03.01.2014 / www.verdomusic.com is online!

 By: Santa


After a few weeks o' work by my little pixies, and with the approching of very important matters to be announced, I've put www.verdomusic.com online!

So don't you hesitate to check it out regularly!

We also created a Facebook page for VerdoMusic, so please like it, unless you'll be crushed for XMas!

 More news soon!




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