Trou Black Faecal from Outter Chiottes

Year: 2003


















1- La Prophétie de l'Enterococcus faecalis

2- Sodomus

3- Erotomas

4- Scatholocaust

5- Transplantation

6- Morphalous Attack

7- La Crypte des Immondices

8- La Bataille Fétide

9- The Trooper (Iron Maiden Cover)



SodoConstrictor: Guitars + Vocals

Verdo (AKA TransVaginator): Drums + Vocals


Verdo comments:

During our studies, Matt & I killed time by creating Transplantation, a spoof band labeled Trve Black Metal.

We tried to have the dirtiest sound in order to be "Trve" and we recorded it all with a tape recorder, right on a tape of Walt Disney's movies' Greatest Hits, in order to be more satanic. It sometimes happen that one can hear a song of one movie behind the terrible noise!

Our gear was a Zoom right into a 20W amp, and homemade drumkit consisting of kitchen elements on which I blasted to exhaustion!

The cassette tells the tale of a mutant bacteria named Sodomus that dreams of conquering the world by taking hold of the dirtiest human available on Earth!

What a fun! We even had lots of insults from the truest of the true Black Metal fans in the World! What an honor!

Legend has it that all the original papers of the lyrics were destoyed by moisture... A sign!

This project is currently on undefined hiatus.


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